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When I first logged into Second Life, I was completely clueless & looking for a free vacation.  Strange but true, I figured it was a way to get a vacation without spending money that I didn't have.  I visited all sorts of enchanting places - Bliss Gardens, Kreswick where I kept getting ejected and of course, Moritz. Typical or not, my experience led me from TP'ing to socializing, to building, to being a virtual property owner for a short time, to renting, to creating machinima and to creating clothing for my machinima.

Creating clothing for my YouTube videos is what led me to making virtual clothing.  I was unable to find suitable Beatnik and Hippy clothing for my videos at a reasonable price, so I started making my own.  I never intended to sell them, but when I saw the old site XStreetSL, I thought I'd upload a few items and see if there was interest.  It's been slow going, but I've found that the male avatars seem to appreciate my hippy and vintage attire the most, although females avatars are catching on.  I note "avatars" because who knows the actual gender behind an avatar.  I switch avatars constantly & even acquired a female (I presume) stalker who dug white guys with dreads.  Go figure.  In really life, I'm white, but I'm definitely not a guy.  Yet, through this crazy virtual adventure, I've discovered a love of creating virtual clothes.

Over time, I plan to post retrospectives on the clothing I've created and explain how I decided to create the items I did.  I hope you enjoy my love of fashion history and my puzzlement at how men's fashion has remained so consistent over the decades, except for the 60s and 70s, where most of my focus lies.

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A Virtual Retrospective

How do the clothes make the man?

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