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I thought I was through with the 70s.  True, I loved 70s music as a kid - I went through my Soft Rock, Funk and Disco phases followed by an extended love-affair with Journey.  As time wore on, the 70s grip loosened as I switched to bands like U2, REM and the Smiths.   Looking back at the 70s during the 80s, I was amazed that I could ever switch decade allegiances.

I prayed that the 70s would never end and that I would be trapped forever inside its smoky time capsule.  The only thing I wouldn't have kept inside that capsule was the clothing.  Most of the people didn't seem to notice how ridiculous the clothing was back then - I did.   The polyester, the clashing plaids and the awkward designs kicked me in the face.  True, I did beg my mom to buy me some oversized purple bell-bottom jeans, but it was mainly because a more popular girl had them and I thought if I had her pants, I'd have her popularity.  Yet, I knew that fashion would improve and when the 80s hit, I cheered when the 50s-on-crack stuff hit the racks.  You can laugh, but I was a teenager, so please forgive me.

And yet, after finishing up the brilliant US version of the British show "Life on Mars" (You can catch it on Amazon or rent it on DVD).  I was inspired to virtually recreate all the fashion trends that I loathed.  Continuing with the 70s trend, I've been inspired by the ridiculous clothing on the TV show "Kojak," a show I missed as a child.

So with this, I bring the menfolk (real or unreal) of Second Life two new offerings - a floral 70s silk shirt floral paired with mustard pants.  Yes, this shirt is a replica of a silk, rather than a polyester shirt, but it does exude a 70s appeal despite the higher quality fabric.   If you want to get down with the ladies at the disco, this will bring you up to speed. 

The above outfit can be purchased as separates at my store on Marketplace.  More 70s menswear are in the works that can be paired with the above look or even the 60s wear I created.  Remember, years ago, people didn't switch out clothing like they do today, so combining fashion decades was not a fashion fail.  I have fashions for women in the works, but I don't expect to put them out until Fall.

The In Crowd  – (June 17, 2011 at 7:41 AM)  

Yay, it's a blog!

Hi Itell, I'm still hooked on your SL clothing designs, ever since the Hippy Hoodies and Dashikis! LOVED the recent Kente shirts, too! Better and better!

Glad to hear 'Life on Mars' was a hit in your household as well. I thought perhaps I recognized the Imperioli 'stache in the model for this suit. :)

I still hold out hope that you'll turn your attention to the Western Nudie Suit someday, but 'til then I look forward to more of the '70s fashions.

- - and I'd be remiss if I didn't send along a link to the 'Eleganza' ads I posted on my blog a few years back. There may have been a couple of these somewhere in the backgrounds on 'Kojack', maybe...

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Your fan,
YoYo Burckhardt

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